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Alumni Association Newsletters

The Theta Sigma Tau/Sigma Nu Alumni Association publishes an occasional newsletter which it makes available for all members who wish to receive it. The majority of news and information it contains is found on the Latest News page of this site. However, the newsletter also contains information on the doings and activities of the alumni and future alumni of the house as well amusing quotes, prose, poetry, and other creativity that members wish to share. This stuff is found on the pages that are linked below.

If you have anything you wish to have added to the newsletter: personal news, a story, a poem, an amusing anecdote, perhaps a small drawing... please send it to Pete Lenz and he will add it to the next newsletter. If you do submit something other than personal news, you will get a free copy of the newsletter in which your submission appears.

In May of 2009, Lawrence TeSelle (Tau, 1949) mailed several alumni newsletters from the mid-late 1940s to us. We've scanned these documents and have made them available here. They put our current effort to shame! Have a look!

Year Θ Σ Τ Newsletter
2009 Spring Fall
2008 Winter & Spring Summer & Fall
2007 Spring Summer Fall
2006 April July October
2005 January/April/July December
2004 January April July October
2003 January April July October
2002 January April July October
We're working on filling in the blanks here...
1949 Theta Bulletin - Spring 1949
1947 Evans Bulletin - Spring 1947
1945 Evans Bulletin - First Post-War Edition!

PLEASE NOTE: The newsletter is posted as an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf). If you don't have Adobe Reader already installed on your computer, you can download Adobe Reader here. The positive aspect of this is that you get to see the newsletter in the format that it is printed to paper in. Plus, the newsletter is printed to paper in grayscale, but the pdf version available here is in full colour!

To receive paper versions of the newsletter, send a request to Pete Lenz. The paper version costs $2/year ($1/issue). We hate to have to charge for it, but it is expensive to print and mail and since all of the information on it IS available here for free, the paper copy is somewhat of a luxury. Pete will, of course, need your snail mail address. Back issues of the newsletter are also available for the cost of printing and mailing. If you choose to use the PayPal links to pay for your subscription, those cost $3/year (PayPal charges a fee to recipients and we are basically charging cost, so the fee would put us in the red).


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