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- Sigma Nu -
The Crimson - 1958

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1 - B. Brooks, W. Knuth, B. Robinson
2 - D. Carson, E. Peterson, B. Tichy, M. Cody, J. Diedrich, F. Farrand, D. Lehmann, J. Hill
3 - D. Johnson, J. Tichy, R. Johnson, P. Scwab, B. Tykal, B. Jay, N. Thieme, J. Cooley, J. Shaw, G. Kazmier, D. Conger
4 - R. Farleigh, B. Purner, B. Evers, J. Penicnak, P. Hoffland, C. Marquardt, D. Otto, G. Fink, P. Waitkus, D. Schulze, D. Osborne, D. Proper

The move from the old "Hall House" to the new dormitory was quite a change for the Sigma Nus. But the atmosphere is still the same.

Sigma Nu retained its position of wide representation and versatility in campus activities. In the literary field, Ken Luber, Jack Cooley, Dave Otto, and Dick Johnson made their contributions to the College Days. Ken also edited the Scribbler. Two pledges, Dick Johnson and Duffy Farrand, were selected to Pi Kappa Delta, after they had displayed excellent forensic capabilities. On the stage we viewed Jack Cooley and Ken Luber in their usual fine form. Sigma Nu added a new face to the theatre in the person of Carl Marquardt. Chairman of the Student Court was Dick Schulze.

In athletics Bill Brooks and Werner Knuth participated in wrestling, Jack Cooley and Tom Troestler played baseball, and pledges Bill Evers, Jim Tichy, Bill Tichy, and John Diedrich showed evidence of being future varsity track and cross-country stars.

The Sigma Nus started their social endeavors by holding a successful open house and Homecoming banquet. After rush the fraternity joined Harwood to celebrate their fine new pledge class. Highlighting the fall semester parties was the Shipwreck Party. For the occasion, the Axe-Handle room was superbly decorated with palms, cocoanuts, fish nets, and a fish pond to reflect a south-sea island atmosphere. Second semester included the traditional Lyle-Sigma Nu contest in the line of informal parties. The house then honored the pledge class with a banquet. Topping off the year was the White Rose Formal held at Tuscumbia Country Club. At that time Carol Grant passed on her title of "sweetheart of Sigma Nu" to the new sweetheart, Marilyn Deplewski.

Sigma Nu has always been known as a close-knit fraternity with broad interests and varying personalities and this year proved no exception. The campus has felt the influence of Sigma Nu in many areas. This year the house was led by Dick Schulze, president; Dean Proper, vice-president; Dave Otto, secretary; and Burt Jay, treasurer.



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1 - D. Proper, D. Schulze, D. Otto, B. Jay


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