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Membership Directory!

This is a listing of the names of the members of Theta Sigma Tau and all of its previous incarnations. This list is as complete as we can make it based upon information available to us at this time. Sadly, it is still incomplete. If you notice your own, or someone else's name missing from, or incorrectly placed, on this list, please let us know at plenz@ThetaSigmaTau.org so we can rectify the situation.

If you are an alum and find that you don't have a profile page, one that is incomplete or out of date, download and fill out this questionnaire and e-mail it to plenz@ThetaSigmaTau.org we'll create or update your page.

Many of the names in this directory will appear as links. The link will take the user to a page about that individual. However, these pages are password-protected. Only alumni, honorary members, and social members may have access to this information. If a member has passed, an obituary page is created and that is available to the public.

If you are looking for someone specific, you may use the following group of alphabetical links to speed your search. Members are listed in alphabetical order using their last name. In cases of members whose names have changed (due to marriage or other reasons) the member will be listed under all previous names as well as their current name.

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Below is a legend that explains the various symbols that appear on the directory.

Item Description
|A|B|C|... Links to each page in the directory
The central image indicates the page that is being viewed. The ones to the left and right are links to previous or next pages in alphabetical order.
Represents membership in the original incarnation of Theta Sigma Tau (1910 - 1954).
Represents membership in the Zeta Tau chapter of Sigma Nu (1954 - 1976).
Represents membership in Theta Sigma Tau after it reformed in 1976 (1976 - present).
Represents an honorary member or other House affiliate who is or was a member of the Ripon College community.
A symbol like this, to the right of the member's name, indicates that the member has died. If their name is a link, it will lead to a publicly accessible obituary or memorial page. While this legend often displays a cross, a variety of symbols representing the majority of religious beliefs are available and will be used if deemed appropriate or requested.
(H) Indicates that the individual is/was an honorary member: an individual who is ineligible to be a full member or social member but has been granted an honorary membership because of their ties to the House. Honorary members hold privileges similar to those of social members.
(H*) Indicates that the individual is/was a special honorary member: an individual who is ineligible to be a full member or social member but has, by invitation of the House, participated in and completed the pledging process. Upon the completion of pledging they are immediately granted alumni status equivalent to the status of one who was a full member of the House.
Represents an individual who served in a branch of the US Armed Services (mouseover the image to see branch and conflicts served in, if we have that information).
Represents an individual who died as a member of the US Armed Services during World War II. (mouseover the image to see branch and conflicts served in, if we have that information)
Represents an individual who was held as a prisoner of war or remains missing in action (mouseover the image to see status).


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