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- Sigma Nu -
The Crimson - 1955

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Edward Kirkbride, Clyde Dollar, Roger Gertenrich, Lawrence Coffel, Elwood Schweer, Alan Heston, Shayle Polansky, William Weinkauf, Arthur Hewitt, Robert Fluhr, Delbert Taebel, John Pastar, Robert Rauschenberg
Frank Hyer, George Wojtasik, Russel Major, Sigma Nu installing officer, Richard Schuster, Charles Stathas, Sherwood House, Lowell Laper, William Whittle

Sigma Nu

The Zeta Tau chapter of Sigma Nu terminates its first year on the campus of Ripon College. The old Theta Sigma Tau house was installed as the hundred thirty-fourth chapter on December eleventh. The formal initiation took place in the Lane Library and a banquet followed at the Republican House. Russell Major and Charles Stathas planned this eventful weekend.

Pacing Sigma Nu as one of the top campus fraternities were its officers: Dick Schuster, commander; Del Taebel, lieutenant commander; Roger Gertenrich, recorder; Woody House, treasurer; Russell Major, reporter; Charles Stathas, historian; and George Wojtasik, chaplain.

Homecoming was well celebrated with our fourth place "David and Goliath" house decoration and annual alumni banquet. The banquet saw many returning grads, one from as far back as 1912. This, coupled with the shipwreck party and White Rose Formal, maintained Sigma Nu's reputation for having first rate social functions.

Sigma Nu found particular prominence in the theatrical field this year. George Wojtasik portrayed fine roles in "The Male Animal" and "Pygmalion" and Ed Kirkbride held one of the principle roles in "Pygmalion" and "MacBeth."

Ver Adest's spring production of "Good News" found George Wojtasik and Bill Whittle active in major roles. Del Tabel[sic] directed public relations for the spring musical, with other members playing minor roles.

With a sparse, but impressive appearance in college athletics this year, our Zeta Tau Chapter was well represented by John Pastar, Tom Cooley, Pat Cooley, and Jim Sinkula in football and basketball. Intramural-wise the house swept the bowling crown and tied for first in the squash, paddle, and handball fields.

The campus organizations also found Sigma Nu active and notable. Del Tabel[sic] was feature editor for the College Days with Dick Monroe and Bill Whittle on the feature staff. Bill Weinkauf and Emil Walecka represented the house well in the choir. The student council also found Del Tabel[sic] a member.

Sigma Nu this year, as in the past, acquired an excellent pledge class totaling twenty-five members. At the end of Hell Week and initiation, the fraternity incorporated the new men into the house, with the traditional pledge banquet held at the Faust Club in Oshkosh.

Seven old Theta alumni and one new honorary were also initiated into the organization this year. The honorary was Vernon L. Schonert, instructor of English, this year's house father.

Thus, with its new members, and with a loss of only seven seniors, Zeta Tau should continue to show prominence on the Ripon College Campus, as did the Theta Sigma Tau of old.


House Officers

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  • Russell Major, reporter
  • Charles Stathas, historian
  • George Wojtasik, chaplain
  • Edward Kirkbride
  • Delbert Taebel, lieutenant commander
  • Installing officer of Sigma Nu
  • Richard Schuster, commander
  • Roger Gertenrich, recorder


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Frank Wallenberg, Charles Green, Charles Moore, Donald Smith, Pat Cooley, Donald Thomas, Henry Becker, Kenneth Cink, Richard Munroe, Jon Wilcox, Clyde Bryant, Tom Temple, Charles Hoyer, Duane Kindstrom, Thomas Irvine
Thomas Cooley, Frank Sotosek, Gerald Madigan, Vinod Sundra, Kenneth Wolters, Robert Miller, James Smith, Mark Raymond, Donald Bell, James Sinkula


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